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Are you interested in listing a product with the OCS? We created this page to help you complete the submission process.

On this page you’ll find the following resources:

  • The Product Call schedule, which includes dates for all stages of the process, from submission to when products are available for Retailers and customers (We hold four (4) Product Call periods per year.)

  • Pre-submission and submission forms to complete when Product Calls are open.

  • Archived Assortment Needs Bulletins for your reference

New to working with the OCS? Visit the About the Product Call page for a full overview of the process.

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Open Product Calls

Fall Product Call is now closed

Fall Product Call

Fall Submission Forms





CATEGORY 1 – Cannabis

Dried Flower, Pre-Rolled and Seeds

June 3, 2024 – 5:00 PM EST


CATEGORY 2A – Cannabis

Extracts (inhalable and ingestible), Concentrates and Vapes

June 3, 2024 – 5:00 PM EST


CATEGORY 2B – Cannabis

Edibles, Beverages and Topicals

June 3, 2024 – 5:00 PM EST


CATEGORY 3 – Accessories

Products that aid in the consumption, storage and cleaning of cannabis products

June 3, 2024 – 5:00 PM EST


No late submissions will be reviewed or accepted after the deadline date. For more information on the Pre-Submission and Submission forms, please see below.

Product Call Schedules

Each year we post four (4) Product Calls: in spring, summer, fall and winter. Please note, the OCS warehouse delivery window and rolling launch dates will be updated in the schedule below once Purchase Orders (POs) are issued for each call.

Rolling launch windows for the 2024 Winter Product Call will be available in November 2024. 

2024 Winter Product Call Schedule

Rolling launch windows for the 2024 Fall Product Call will be available in August 2024. 

Mandatory Form Information

Pre-Submission Form 

Please ensure that you have ALL items on the OCS Listing Requirements Checklist.

Pre-submission begins when the OCS publishes an Assortment Needs Bulletin, followed by an opportunity for interested Suppliers (both current and prospective) to pre-submit products they wish to list for sale in Ontario. Suppliers submit an application to share critical information about new products they wish to sell into Ontario’s recreational cannabis market prior to proceeding with a formal product submission. The OCS assesses Pre-Submission Applications and provides all Suppliers with feedback.

Note: Cannabis Suppliers may submit a Pre-Submission Form to OCS for consideration while licensing with Health Canada is still pending. However, following the Pre-Submission Application process, Cannabis Suppliers are not eligible to submit to the Product Call unless they hold the appropriate Health Canada licence that authorizes the sale of cannabis products included in the submission to a provincially-authorized distributor, such as the OCS.

Submission Form 

Eligible Suppliers chosen via the Pre-Submission process are invited to submit through the Product Call Submission Portal by the date listed in the OCS Assortment Needs Bulletin. The OCS evaluates submissions against standardized criteria, provides all Suppliers with feedback, and issues (NTP)s to successful applicant.

Who can I reach out to if I have questions about the Product Call process?

All Suppliers will be assigned a Category Manager to serve as a consistent point-of-contact throughout the Product Call process. Suppliers will receive a response to any inquiry from their assigned Category Manager within five (5) business days.

For general inquiries, please reach out to the OCS Merchandising Team at

Disclaimer:  Nothing in these Product Calls shall be construed as creating any commitment by, or on behalf of, the OCS.  All information provided is subject to change at any time by the OCS at its sole and absolute discretion. For clarity, no cannabis products will be purchased by, or sold to, the OCS unless otherwise authorized by law.

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