OCS Quality Assurance – Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find a list of Frequently Asked Questions pertaining to the Quality Assurance at the OCS. We encourage all Licensed Producers and Cannabis Accessory Suppliers to read them.

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Is there a quality assurance review process for new product submissions?

All cannabis products sold by the OCS must meet any requirements (e.g., packaging, labeling, quality assurance) specified under federal law. The OCS has quality assurance validation programs in place that assess products during the product call submission stage, the product ordering stage, and while the product is listed for sale on OCS.ca.

Does OCS require certificates of analysis for the cannabis products offered for sale?

Suppliers must ensure that every lot or batch of product submitted has been tested in accordance with requirements under federal law. Suppliers must provide a copy of certificate(s) of analysis containing all required testing for every lot number of cannabis product shipped to OCS.

What process does the OCS follow for product quality complaints?

Any product quality complaint received by the OCS is forwarded to the applicable supplier for investigation, response and, if necessary, appropriate corrective and preventative measures.