Open Product Call

We encourage all currently-licensed and soon-to-be-licensed cannabis or accessories producers to submit products to the OCS. Our updated process allows us to accept new product submissions at any time. This is a valuable opportunity for all Licensed Producers to submit new and innovative products at any time of year to be promoted to our ever-growing OCS consumer base and to the customer base and the customer base of our Retailer partners.

What’s Changed?

In the past, product calls were limited to specific times of the year, with set criteria for each callThe OCS now offers an Open Product Call process that allows Licensed Producers to introduce new products at any time to better serve consumer needs.  We have clearly outlined our product listing requirements, process and approximate timelines to provide as much information as possible to suppliers doing business with the OCS. 

How to Submit a Product

Before you complete a Product Call Submission Form, you need to complete these steps.

Complete the OCS Listing Requirements Checklist

Please ensure that you have ALL items on the OCS Listing Requirements Checklist, (including ALL required Health Canada Licenses). If your organization is currently supplying products to the OCS and you would like to submit a new product category, please be sure to include a completed  Category Expansion Approval Form along with your submission.

Note: Although product evaluation and discussions can occur while licensing is still pending, the OCS is not able to set a producer as a vendor and transact with them until Health Canada licensing has taken place.

Submission Review

At this point, you will be contacted by an OCS Merchandising Representative to negotiate costing. You’ll be issued a Notice to Purchase (NTP) — an agreement to list the product — and your forecast and launch window will be established.

Finalize the Submission Contract

This is a final check to ensure that the Licensed Producer has completed all necessary fields and documentation, including final formats and specs for all products.

Complete the Category Submission Form

Download and complete a Category Submission Form for the relevant category. Please review our Key Supply Terms before completing the form. If you’re not sure which category to select, please review the Product Call table below. 

Category 1: Dried Flower, Pre-Rolled and Seeds
Category 2: Vapes, Concentrates, Ingestible Extracts (including oils, capsules and oral sprays), Topicals and Edibles
Category 3: Accessories

Note for Accessories: The OCS may request samples of cannabis-related products that have been submitted through a product call. This is for the purpose of verifying quality and/ or functionality of the product for the purposes of scoring and evaluation.  After evaluation, the OCS may return sample accessories to the vendor at the vendor’s cost.

Submit Category Submission Form

Compile all of your product submissions into ONE  form for each category. Please rename each submission form as follows: [Insert category numberProduct Call – [insert your company name]  [insert date: YY/MM/DD]
Once completed, please email submission forms to

Disclaimer:  Product Calls are meant to provide information concerning the proposed purchase of recreational cannabis and accessories by the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) from licensed producers. Nothing in these Product Calls shall be construed as creating any commitment by, or on behalf of, the OCS.  All information provided is subject to change at any time by the OCS at its sole and absolute discretion. For clarity, no cannabis products will be purchased by, or sold to, the OCS unless otherwise authorized by law.

Please make sure you have completed the OCS Listing Requirements Checklist before emailing all submissions to

Open Product Call Submission Timeline

After Submission

Note: As part of the onboarding process, all necessary information needs to be finalized in order to proceed with QA steps, vendor onboarding and item setup. Any gaps or changes in information may cause a delay to occur beyond the timelines stated.

Product Call Table