Product Call

We encourage all currently licensed and soon-to-be-licensed Cannabis Producers or Accessories Suppliers to submit products to the OCS. Our scheduled Product Calls will include a new process for Suppliers to follow. The Current Call outlines the new process below, providing as much information as possible to Suppliers doing business with the OCS, such as the product listing requirements and the specific product formats and sizes.

Product Call is now closed.

How to Submit a Product


Complete the Pre-Submission Checklist 

Please ensure that you have ALL items on the OCS Listing Requirements Checklist

Note: Although product evaluation and discussions can occur while licensing is still pending, the OCS is not able to set a producer as a vendor and transact with them until Health Canada licensing has taken place.

Complete the Pre-Submission Product Form 

Downloadcomplete, and email the Pre-Submission Product Form by the date listed in the OCS Assortment Needs Bulletin to Once submitted, OCS will review and provide guidance on which products will make successful final submissions.

Complete the Category Submission Form 

Complete the Category Submission Form for each product. Please review our Key Supply Terms before completing the form. If you’re not sure which category to select, please review the Product Call table below.

Disclaimer:  Product Calls are meant to provide information concerning the proposed purchase of recreational cannabis and accessories by the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) from licensed producers. Nothing in these Product Calls shall be construed as creating any commitment by, or on behalf of, the OCS.  All information provided is subject to change at any time by the OCS at its sole and absolute discretion. For clarity, no cannabis products will be purchased by, or sold to, the OCS unless otherwise authorized by law.

You may also view the previous Product Call Bulletins for your reference.