Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find commonly asked questions by Licensed Producers that do not adhere specifically to Product Calls or our Quality Assurance protocol.

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When and under what circumstances would a site visit be required or requested by the OCS?

The OCS, in its sole discretion, may conduct site visits of an LP in order to evaluate whether it wishes to enter into a Supplier Agreement with the LP.

Who decides which category of quality (Good, Better, Best) is assigned to a product or producer?

The OCS requests that vendors submit their own interpretation of what quality tier their products fit into. However, for clarity and the avoidance of doubt, the OCS reviews all aspects of product submissions and, in its sole discretion, determines which tier the submitted products fit into.

How can retailers request specific products for their retail locations?

The OCS has sole discretion to determine which products it carries. With that said, the OCS communicates regularly with all parties to understand the demands of the current marketplace.

What is my Vendor ID?

A vendor id will be provided to an licensed producer if/when they have been selected from a product call, and have entered into a supplier agreement with the OCS.

If I am not selected by the OCS, am I still legally allowed to sell my product in Ontario?

No. The OCS has the exclusive right to sell cannabis in Ontario either online or to a holder of a retail licence. However, producers not selected as part of an OCS product call will have the opportunity to re-submit in future product calls.