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A Product Call is a request for product submissions initiated by an OCS Category Manager and posted on doingbusinesswithocs.ca. The Doing Business with OCS site includes a downloadable form that outlines necessary product and supplier requirements to successfully reply to the Product Call.

DISCLAIMER:  This Product Call is meant to provide information concerning the proposed purchasing of recreational cannabis and accessories by the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) from licensed producers.  Nothing in this Product Call shall be construed as creating any commitment by, or on behalf of the OCS.  All information provided is subject to change at any time by the OCS in its sole and absolute discretion. For clarity, no cannabis products will be purchased by, or sold to, the OCS unless authorized by law. 

Step 1- Product Call is posted on the Doing Business with OCS site.

Step 2- Download the submission form from the Product Call Listing Chart located on the home page

Step 3- Read, fill out and sign. 

Step 4- Email the completed form to the designated submission email address: cannabis.submissions@ocs.ca

Email Subject Lines: Cannabis Product Call OR Accessories Product Call- Company Name Here

File Name: Cannabis Product Call OR Accessories Product Call- Company Name Here- YY/MM/DD

Step 5- Send a Sample. 

CANNABIS SUBMISSIONS: mail a packaging sample, or 3-D mock ups with a supporting illustration.  DO NOT send any Cannabis.  

ACCESSORY SUBMISSIONS: mail a working sample within its retail package. Please send only 1 (one) sample that best represents the most popular size & colour within the same product category which complies with the federal regulations.

Include an 11x17 (Tabloid) print out of your submission in the SAME PACKAGE as the sample.  Also include the file name of the submitted form. Please see example below for clarity:

Vaporizer example for products submitted:

-“Vape Device X” in 12 colours.

-Please submit 1 (one) device and colour images of the other 11 items in the product category range.


*Ensure that the samples arrive BEFORE the published sample deadline.  Mailing address will be provided when OCS receives your submission form(s).

Step 6- All respondents will be notified, but only successful respondents will be sent the Supplier Agreement.


KEY STANDARD FOR CANNABIS: All Cannabis suppliers MUST go through GS1 to secure their barcode symbology and use the following format for Master Cases, Inners and the Retail Pack providing each package level with a unique barcode. The product size variants will also need their own barcodes i.e. 1g and 7.5g. 

The chosen Cannabis GS1 Barcode Symbology is as follows:

Consumer Items- The GS1 Expanded DataBar and Expanded Stacked DataBar symbologies. The Expanded DataBars will contain: GTIN (AI- 01), Expiry Date (AI- 17) OR 500723*, LOT (AI- 10). 

*Expiry Date must be in YYMMDD format, as per GS1 Standards. If your product does not have an Expiry Date, you will still need to keep the AI (Application Identifier) in the barcode symbology and replace the date with the default of 500723.

Cases or Other Logistic Packaging– GS1-128 (GTIN, Expiry OR Default, and the LOT in this order), Interleaved 2 of 5, UPC OR EAN.


KEY STANDARD FOR ACCESSORIES:  OCS has provided Accessories Suppliers the option to either 1) Go through GS1  and use the following format below or 2) keep their existing barcodes as long as they are legitimate, functional and non-conflicting with any other sellable item(s) globally. If the barcode is conflicting or illegitimate, the product will not be listed. 

Option 1: For Accessories the following GS1 barcodes are accepted:

Consumer Items- Any GS1 Databar, UPC-A/E, EAN-13 & EAN-8

Cases or Other Logistic Packaging– GS1-128 (likely only the GTIN) or Interleaved 2 of 5), Interleaved 2 of 5, UPC OR EAN.


OR Option 2) For the Accessory Suppliers that want to use their existing barcodes if they are not with GS1.

Consumer Items- UPC A, UPC E, EAN13, EAN8, or GS1 Databar (GTIN ONLY) 

Cases or Other Logistic Packaging– Interleaved 2 of 5, UPC A*, UPC E*, EAN13*, EAN8*, OR GS1-128 (GTIN ONLY)

*If the Master Case Pack level barcode is the same as the Retail Pack barcode, there must be a clear indication of eaches on the Master Pack. 


ALL products purchased by the OCS must have a retail barcode that scans at first pass through the register.

Barcodes must be clear, legible, scannable, and display the human readable numeric code located beneath or beside the barcode.

Multi-pack products must have a unique barcode on the outside package that is different than the barcode of the individual units contain within.  The barcode on the individual unit(s) inside the multi-pack must be positioned in such a way that they cannot be scanned.

There should be no truncation of any of the barcodes on any level of packaging.

GS1 Members: For Cannabis Products, all product packaging photos will be taken by GS1. These packages CANNOT contain cannabis when being photographed.  There will be no Dried Cannabis Flower photography at this time. 

For accessories, photos will be taken of both the product and the accessory.


Non-GS1 Members: For Accessories, photos will be taken of both the product and the accessory by the OCS using the photo standards provided by GS1. 

This option is not available for Cannabis Products. 

The Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) will provide an online retail channel to provide Ontarians with a safe and secure way to legally purchase cannabis and accessories for home delivery. The OCS will continue to be the wholesale distribution network to supply cannabis to legal private stores in Ontario once legislative requirements are put in place. 

Cannabis will be sold in the forms allowed under federal law.   Initially this includes: dried cannabis, cannabis oils & capsules, pre-rolls, and seeds.  Cannabis accessories will also be sold.

The assortment of Cannabis Accessories sold at the Ontario Cannabis Store will be determined following a review and evaluation of product call submissions.

The OCS will be considering its focus on responsible use and moderate consumption when evaluating available accessories.

In order to be considered as an OCS vendor for cannabis products pursuant to this product call you must i) be an authorized Licensed Producer of Cannabis under the Health Canada ACMPR program; ii)  be actively working towards becoming a Licensed Producer under Health Canada regulations with intent to obtain a license prior to legalization of cannabis.

Yes, you can apply, however, your ability to supply, your current licensing status, in what quantities and for which months will all factor into your final score. 

Please ensure you have filled in the Product Call Form correctly and accurately. Once submitted it will appear in the cannabis.submissions@ocs.ca email inbox. If you have to make changes or edits, please resubmit and specify in the email submission that you would like to replace the previous submission (Cannabis Product Call OR Accessories Product Call- Company Name Here).  Your previous submission will be deleted.

This submission is used for the evaluation of doing business with OCS. Any missing information can impact the evaluation.

We have revised the Key Supply Terms and have removed the recall insurance requested from Accessory only Suppliers.  Please click here to read and review the updated Key Supply Terms.

For the Product Call due May 2, 2018 we have extended the deadline to submit questions until April 24, 2018 at 5 p.m. EST