Sale of Data

A key objective  of  OCS Sale  of  Data  program is to provide suppliers with important supply chain information, such as unit  sales and warehouse inventory levels, to help facilitate their product forecasting and enable greater fulfillment service levels.

With Level 1 access, suppliers will be able to interface with OCS’s IT systems to gain insight into their products’  sales performance. With a Level 2  Sale  of  Data  subscription, suppliers will be able to access data pertaining to other products within their sub-category to help determine relative market share. Data attributes will include inventory snap shot and unit  sales, with various ways to filter and visualize data.

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How do I access Sale of Data Reports?

Log on to with the credentials provided to you by your OCS contact. If you are an authorized user, you will see your assigned reports on the main menu.

How do I request access to new reports?

All OCS Licensed Producers and Cannabis Accessories Suppliers will automatically have access to Level 1 of Sale of Data. If you would like to upgrade to Level 2, please contact your OCS Category Manager.