OCS Product Call – Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find a list of Frequently Asked Questions pertaining to the OCS product call. We encourage all Licensed Producers and cannabis accessory suppliers to read them prior to responding to a Product Call.

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How do I submit my product?

Please visit our Current Product Call Page for all required steps and documentation.

All respondents will be notified, but only successful respondents will be sent the Supplier Agreement.

I heard you have specific barcode requirements. Tell me more.

Yes, you are correct. Please visit our Barcode Standards Page for more information.

Where are products sold in Ontario?

The Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) provides safe, responsible access to recreational cannabis for adults 19 and older. The OCS operates the sole legal online store for recreational cannabis in Ontario and is the exclusive wholesaler to private retail stores authorized by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario.

What types of cannabis products are available through the OCS?

The OCS only sells cannabis products authorized under federal law. Currently, these include dried flower, pre-rolls, oils, seeds, capsules, edibles, concentrates, extracts and topicals.

What kinds of cannabis accessories are available through the OCS?

The OCS currently provides consumers with a variety of cannabis accessories, including vaporizers, batteries, grinders, bongs, pipes, rolling papers and cones and filters.

The OCS considers responsible use and moderate consumption when evaluating submissions for cannabis accessories.

Can I still respond to a product call for cannabis products without a federal licence?

In order to be considered as an OCS vendor for cannabis products, you must either hold the appropriate licence issued by Health Canada under the Cannabis Act OR be actively working towards attaining the appropriate licence issued by Health Canada under the Cannabis Act.

How can I edit/ change my submission once provided to the OCS?

Please note we have updated our submission forms to Microsoft Forms.  All relevant information that previously existed in the Excel version is captured in the new format. Please ensure you have filled in the Product Call Form correctly and accurately. If the information entered was incorrect please resubmit a new submission form.

Will I be penalized for not completing the entire form?

This submission forms the basis upon which you will be evaluated as a potential OCS vendor. Any missing information can impact the evaluation.